______Entries WILL NOT be accepted if the authentication stamp is not visible on the back of actual painting surface or canvas. Stamps on the stretcher bars will not be acceptable.

______ Each artist is allowed five stamps. 

______ Two entries, stamped works of art per artist, may be entered into the competition. Stamping: May 29 - June 2, 2020. 

______Works of art must be painted May 29 – June 2, 2020 in Emery County, Utah.

______Works of art must be submitted before 5 pm on June 4th at the Museum of the San Rafael.

______ Works of art must be produced outdoors in the spirit of plein air, in Emery County, Utah between May 29 - June 4, 2020. Art must be produced on a properly stamped surface.

______ It is highly recommended that pastels, drawings, watercolors be presented under glass to protect the artwork.

______ All artwork should be presented for entry into the competition ready to hang (i.e. framed).  Wrapped and painted canvas edges are acceptable. 

______ Works of art may be sold but sales will not be handled by the Museum of the San Rafael. 100% of the sale of the art goes to the artist. The Museum will pass along artist contact information to potential buyers. Works of art cannot leave the Museum before the awards ceremony is over on June 6th. 

______ Art work may be picked up after the Artist Reception on June 6th. Works of art not picked up by July , or arrangements made for pickup, become the property of the Museum.


_____Maximum size is 24 inches on the long side for all works (framed/ready to hang).

_____Artworks accepted for exhibition will hang in the museum June 13 - June 15, 2020. No works of art may be removed from the museum until the conclusion of the Artist Reception on the evening of June 6th.