• Canvases must be stamped before you begin your art.  Pick up the registration form at that time.                                                                                                            
  • $25 Entry Fee for the competition: check or cash paid when you turn in completed art and registration form.                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • You can have your canvas stamped, and turn in completed art at the following location during regular business hours:
    • Museum of the San Rafael, 70 North 100 East, Castle Dale, UT                                                                                        435-381-3560
  • Stamping begins on May 29 and goes through June 4, 2020. You may begin working after getting your canvases stamped. All work must be created in Emery County, Utah.  Bring the blank canvas of your choice (canvas, board, paper, etc.) to the museum during the designated stamping days. You may have up to five (5) canvases stamped. During this time you will receive a registration form. You then will go out to paint on these canvases and will choose up to two of them to enter the competition. Turn these in with your registration and $25 fee before the museum closes on June 4th. 
  • Canvases that have not been stamped will not be accepted. 
  • You may turn in your work anytime during the competition at the Museum during regular business hours. The last day to submit your work is June 4th at the Museum of the San Rafael by 5 pm. You are allowed to submit two works total. Please see RULES for more details. Please make sure your work has your name and title on the back of the piece.
  • Please submit your work as dry as possible. We will do our best but the museum is not responsible for smeared work if turned in wet. 
  • The Plein Air Emery County exhibition will open June 6th at the Orangeville Community Center and Park and will run through the artist's reception on June 6th. After the artist's reception is over artists may take their work home. Winners will have the opportunity to display their work at the Museum of the San Rafael until July 2nd. 
  • Please contact the Museum of the San Rafael if you cannot pick up your work on June 6th. Only the artist is allowed to pick up their work unless the museum is notified otherwise. 
  • Please see the FAQS page for questions and how-to's.

Museum of the San Rafael

70 N 100 E / P.O. Box 1088

Castle Dale, Utah 84513

For more information call or email Tiffani at museum@emery.utah.gov